Call for Papers for RASCEE 2021 Issue: “Religion on the Periphery”


“Religion on the Periphery”

Individuals or groups on the periphery have always been part of the various societies of Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe. Society nowadays pays increasing attention to, and exhibits more sensitivity about minorities: to people on the periphery, to those who are marginalized because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality, political beliefs, religion or lack of religion. Attitudes of society and individuals to such persons or groups can be seen as an indication of the state of their culture and civilization, as an indication of the prevailing values – a touchstone which can not only unite but also divide the society. Numerous religious traditions throughout history demonstrate, however, that peripheral areas of social life, as well as peripheral areas of faith, are phenomena that involve special treatment and special attention by religious authorities as well as by ordinary believers.

Science and the humanities are also aware of peripheries and have peripheral areas, and sometimes marginal methods or theories can play a crucial role. Science, including the study of religions, also creates its own stratifications, exclusions, and the ostracism of certain individuals and groups of scholars.

Religion and Society in Central and Eastern Europe (RASCEE) invites submissions for a special issue dedicated to such issues in Central and Eastern Europe in connection with this topic. We welcome both empirical and theoretical contributions from diverse areas of the social sciences that focus on the topic, such as: sociology, anthropology, political science, religious studies, history and law.

Religion and Society in Central and Eastern Europe (RASCEE) is an annual, open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal that reflects critical scholarship in the study of religion in the region.

Language: English

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Deadline: July 15th, 2021

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Publication is planned for December, 2021

Submission Policy

Articles submitted to Religion and Society in Central and Eastern Europe are fully, i.e. double-blind peer-reviewed. All submissions must be submitted electronically.

In order to be accepted for publication, manuscripts must

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Guidelines for authors:

All articles should be written in English. The Chicago Manual of Style should be used. Footnotes can be linked to the text and can be descriptive as well as documentary, but should be used exclusively for commenting and supplementing the text.


Theoretical and/or empirical articles should be between 5,000 and 7,000 words long (inclusive of footnotes, tables, abstract, references, short biographical note etc.). Research-in-progress papers can be shorter.


Submissions must include an abstract (up to 200 words), key words (up to 5 words) and a short biographical note (up to 200 words, giving institutional affiliation, area of specialization, up to three most significant publications and e-mail address).


Electronic publication allows for the addition of images, maps, tables, and other visual or auditory aids, and the editors encourage authors to include such with articles when appropriate.


Authors are responsible for ensuring that all submitted materials are free of copyright claims or that they have obtained permissions as required by law. Religion and Society in Central and Eastern Europe reserves copyright privileges for all materials published.